Captain Darrell's
Fishing Guide Service
Some of the finest fishing waters in the world for bass, musky, pike, walleye, and other
species can be found right here in northern Wisconsin.  
Among the lakes Captain Darrell's Guide Service guides on are:
Rainbow Flowage - Minocqua-Lake Tomahawk Chain - Lac Du Flambeau Chain
Big and Little Arbor Vitae - Willow Flowage - Squirrel Lake - Squaw Lake
Pike Round Chain - Dam-Sand Lakes - Wisconsin River - Turtle Flambeau Flowage
...and many others in Oneida and Vilas Counties.
10 Most Common Boating Violations
1.        Personal watercraft violations
2.        Failure to provide proper number of personal flotation devices.
3.        Operate boat without valid certificate of number
4.        Operate boat in prohibited area, in excess of speed limit on lakes 50 acres  
       or  less, or in excess of fixed limits.
5.        Operate motorboat while under the influence of an intoxicant, or operating
       motorboat with BAC of 0.1% or greater.
6.        Operate boat at night without required lights.
7.        Failure to display registration number or decal on boat.
8.        Operate boat towing water-skiers without an observer.
9.        Operate beyond slow-no-wake where prohibited.
10.      Permit underage person to operate a motorboat.
Ever wonder how much a fish weighed that you planned to release?
Well there is a way, but you’ll have to do a little measuring, and carry a calculator.
Measure the fish from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail.
Then take a second measurement around the body of the fish,
(The Girth) just in front of the pectoral fins.
Now the girth measurement and square it (multiply it by itself), then multiply this figure
by the length measurement in inches, and divide the total by 800.
The result gives the approximate weight of the fish in pounds.
Here is an example: the fish is 34 inches long, and the girth measurement is 15 inches.
Squaring 15, 15 X 15 = 225, multiplying by 34 equals 7650
and divided by 800 equals 9.56 lb..
About Captain Darrell - * Over 28 Years Experience
* USCG Licensed Charter Captain - * Wisconsin Licensed Guide
* Michigan State Inspected - * Fully Insured
All You Need Is -
~ Current Fishing License ~ Camera ~ Rain Gear ~ Clothing to fit the season ~
~ Sunglasses ~ Sunblock ~Refreshments ~ Lunch ~Favorite Tackle Optional ~
~ Be Ready for a Great Day of Fishing ~
Trips Include
Full day on the water with Captain Darrell. (Full & Half days in the Northwoods),
In his comfortable fully rigged boat… - Use of rods reels and tackle.
Cleaning & freezing of your catch…On the water instruction and explanations of the
equipment, tackle and baits...
Presentations Used
Jigs-Tipped with live bait or plastics - < Slip Bobbers >< < Lindy Rigs ><
< Crank baiting >< < Trolling >< Learn to be the best with these presentations >

What You’ll Learn
Location is Critical… Where are the fish? Why are they there? This is your short-cut
to learning the productive areas that fish are using. Practical Presentations... What are
the fish feeding on? What we make them strike? Learn which presentations will work?

Traditional Shore Lunch
Optional… a delicious hot meal cooked over an open fire on a remote shoreline.
A delicious meal & relaxing break. Inquire about prices.
Have Fun! Enjoy!
Fishing is an enjoyable activity for the whole family, Men, women and children of all
ages are welcome. Beginners as well as experienced anglers are sure to find this trip
both educational and enjoyable.
- Contact Me -
Captain Darrell
1617 N Farming Rd
Woodruff, WI  54568
Phone: 715-614-8889